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Empowering Boundaries

A Gift of Living in Recovery...
Being true to yourself and establishing healthy relationships.
The fine art of boundaries in recovery; drawing a line in the sand and discovering the sovereign territory of self.

Scroll through the gallery of images to have a look at some recovery based boundary behaviors, concepts, and actions.
As Seen in the Slides Above...Boundaries Exist in Pretty Much Every Aspect of Life &
Are Manifested in the Direction of our Learned Leanings:

Oftentimes, in rediscovering our boundaries, we uncover our old wounds.
Addiction may have been an attempt to try to cope with or bury those wounds, a way of establishing "false boundaries" to protect the places where we have been hurt, and to hide from the shame of having hurt others. Active recovery brings insight and understanding to help heal wounds, diminish scars, and allow for healthier boundaries which facilitates a more joyful sense of belonging and co-existence with self and others in community.
In recovery I have sometimes found myself trying to bend and twist to fit in...and often I have done this in order to avoid feeling that the misfit sensation was my dreaded "ego." "Ego" can get so lambasted in recovery talk...but healthy ego is a healthy part of being a healthy human being, re: boundaries. The contortions and twists of self and voice...used to avoid criticism and "fit in" can sometimes cause misalignment with the true north of the direction of spirit. A good reminder to attune direction. Also this: "trying to please all people at all times is the quickest path to mediocrity."
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